Gardening Tech Accessories for Smart Gardens

Gardening Tech Accessories for Smart Gardens

The power of tech can never be under-estimated. It has seamlessly entered into every home and today even the gardens are equipped with technology that ensures healthy plants and healthy gardens. Over the past few years, some amazing products have begun to crop up in the backyards and gardens. From technology for greenhouse automation to smart lawn irrigation systems, there are so many products that are made to take care of the greenery with little or no human intervention. Gardening tech is so advanced that the latest irrigation systems are built to forecast the weather and call off the watering process because of the rain. It not just saves water but keeps the plants getting excess water. So, here are a few products to mention in this category:

Seedling Heat Mats – These professional heat mats are designed to maintain temperature that is most ideal for seed starting. The controlled temperature keeps the roots from being scorched. It also produces revitalizing dew especially in the gardens with humidity domes. It is one of the most professional horticultural tech gadgets for gardening which can deliver accurate readings for warm as well as cool environments. 

LED Grow Light for Plants – This greenhouse lamp offers a full spectrum LED light for plant growth. This gadget generates less heat, saves more energy and ultimately lowers the utility bill. With a comprehensive and controlled light spectrum, these lights are great for indoor plants or greenhouse plants. The best thing about these lights is that it can produce different light settings – the white LEDS are excellent alternatives to natural sunlight; the blue and red LEDs promote plant growth. 

Sprinkler Controller – A fully functional device, this gadget can be operated via smart phones and devices. Gardeners can have full control over their sprinklers. This tech comes with a weather-based software wherein the smart sense technology waters the plants based on the existing weather. Takes the live weather feeds into consideration and controls or adjusts the water sprinkler. It is a great gadget for keeping the plants from drying or being over-watered. With a wi-fi connection, gardeners can take control of their sprinkler system from any part of the world. 

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