PKCELL 1.6V 4 AA Rechargeable Ni-Zn Batteries, 2250mWhrs to 2500mWh, Includes The Ni-Zn Battery Charger With EU/US Plug, 4Pcs.

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Are you wanting to change out from regular Batteries that will not recharge, and make the move to Rechargeable Batteries? 

Here are 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries to get you going, and comes 4 to a card.  You also get the NiZn Charger to keep your rechargeable batteries up and running your different things.

Now your devices can keep on going for a long time, without buying batteries constantly and figuring out what to do with the used ones.

Charger 8186 for Ni-Zn Rechargeable Battery
Capable of charging 2pcs or 4pcs AA/AAA Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries.

Technical Parameters:
Input: AC100-240V 50-60Hz 6W
Output: DC AA 3.2Vx1 300ma                 
AA 3.2Vx2 300ma
AAA 3.2V1 100ma
Only for AA/AAA NIZN Batteries

Size: 9.5(D)x43.5(H)mm( Max)

**Caution: Risk of injury, charge only 2 - 4 AA or 2 AAA size NIZN type rechargeable batteries at one time.

Other types may burst, causing damage or injury to persons, including electrical shock if damaged. Keep and use in a Dry location only.

Ni-Zn Rechargeable Battery 2500mWh 1.6V AA

Type:Nickel Zinc Battery

Size :AA







Nominal Voltage


Charging Current time 

Fast Charge

0.5C to 1C in Amps to 1.9V/cell taper charge and cut off

Ambient Temperature

Charge Condition

0 °c-40 °c(Fast Charge)

Discharge Condition

0 °c-50  °c

Storage Condition

-20 °c-50 °c( ≤30 days)

-20 °c-40 °c( ≤90 days)

-20 °c-40 °c( ≤1 year )

Internal Impedance (after discharge to E.V.=10.

20mΩ(at 1000Hz)


About 25g

Size: Diameter x Height

14.5(D)X50.5(H)mm Max

Brand Name: Pkcell
Model Number: AA2500 NIZN
Type: Ni-Zn
Nominal Capacity: 2500mWh
Set Type: Charger Sets
Bundle: Bundle 1
Replacement Battery: Yes
Battery Number: 4pcs AA Battery
Size: AA
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Battery Capacity: 2500mWh
Battery Charger: 8186 Ni-Zn Battery Charger
Customized: Yes
Replacement Battery: No
Plug Type: US/EU
Normal Voltage: 1.6v
Battery Size: 14.5*50.5mm
Charging Battery: NIZN AA/AAA Batteries