SONOFF POW R2 15A 3500W Wifi Switch Controller, Real Time Power Consumption Monitor

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This High Quality SONOFF POW R2 15A 3500W Wifi Switch Controller for Real Time Power Consumption Measurement and Monitor for a Smart Home is a wireless switch that connects to electronic devices such as home appliances thru your WiFi.  These devices can be controlled by the mobile application eWeLink, and can be run with WiFi, 2G, 3G or 4G network.

Sonoff Pow has the amazing ability to show the current power consumption of the electronic device. You also have the option for a report on the energy consumption in kWh over a period of time.  You can  generate energy consumption reports for certain time intervals, such as a a week or month. 

Sonoff Pow enables you to find out which appliances in your home use the most energy, enabling you to  lower your electricity bill.

As Sonoff Pow is still the Sonoff brand, it has all the functions of a basic Sonoff. Through the eWeLink mobile app, making your home on remote control can now be a reality. You can remotely control operations of appliances by turning them on or off instantly, or by your schedule set, such as repeat or countdown. 

 More information:
Users can also share remote access with others, for mutual control of devices.
Supports SSID quick change setting and password connection via eWeLink
Supports automatic connection to server, registration and updating of device status
Supports tracking device status in eWeLink
Supports single countdown and repetitive tasks

Brand Name: SONOFF
Model Number: Sonoff POW R2
Compatibility: All Compatible
Camera Equipped: Yes
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Type1: Sonoff
Type2: Sonoff Pro R2
Type3: Sonoff R2