Electric Sonic Dental Teeth Cleaner, Plaque/Tarter & Stain Remover, Whitener, Portable Tool

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Finally, you can get cleaner teeth without having to go to the dentist!  You can now get this Portable Electric Sonic Dental Teeth cleaning tool to help get cleaner and more healthy teeth. 

Gain Fresher Breath as well with the residue now gone from your teeth, and stuff lodged in the spaces between your teeth.

The grip is easy with the Integrated Handle, and is Safe, IPX6 Waterproof, and suitable for daily use.

It is both Stylish, has nice colors, and made of High Quality Medical Dental Material. 

This great tool helps in easier teeth cleaning of dental calculus, plaque, tartar, stains such as cigarette smoke, tea, other spots, etc.

Using a High Frequency vibration remover, it removes unwanted things more easily.


Brand Name: Genkent
Net Wt: Normal
Size: Moderate
Model Number: DD668
Item Type: Teeth Whitening, Cleaner Tool
Ingredient: Plastic + Metal
Features: Safe IPX6 Waterproof, Suitable For Daily Use.,High Frequency Vibration Remover. Remove Dental Calculus, Plaque, Calculus, Tartar, Smoke, Tea, Spots,. Medical Dental Material of High Quality, Easily to Clean Teeth. Etc.
USB Rechargeable: USB Rechargeable