HRB RC Lithium Lipo Battery Multi-Size Amps

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Want Replacement Lithium Batteries for your RC vehicle, Drones, or other Toys?  Select your needed size and connection from the list.  Now you can get back to having fun with your toys.

A Carrying Bag is also available, so everything can stay contained, and not get lost, misplaced, etc. With this bag, you can easily put the batteries up and out of reach of small children.

There is a wide range & 2 Countries to choose from for availability:
2S 2200mah 50C T
2S 2200mah 50C TRX
2S 5000mah 50C T
2S 5000mah 50C XT60
2S 5200mah 50C T-H
2s 6000mah 60C XT60H
2S2P 7000mah 50C T
3S 1800mah 50C Tplug
3S 2200mah 30C Tplug
3S 2600mah 35C Tplug
3S 2600mah 35C XT60
3S 3000mah 60C XT60
3S 5000mah 50C Tplug
3S 5000mah 50C XT60
3S 6000mah 50C Tplug
3S 6000mah 50C XT60H
4S 2200mah 30C Tplug
4S 2200mah 30C XT60
4S 3300mah 60C T
4S 4000mah 50C XT60
4S 4200mah 35C XT60
4S 5000mah 50C XT60
4S 6000mah 50C T-H
4S 6000mah 50C XT60
4S 7000mah 55C TRX-
6S 5000mah 50C EC5
6S 5000mah 50C XT60
6S 6000mah 50C XT60
Brand Name: HRB Power
Material: Lithium Battery
Tool Supplies: Battery
Upgrade Parts/Accessories: Lithium Battery
RC Parts & Accs: Batteries - LiPo
Size: See Descriptions
Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
Technical Parameters: KV1100
Model Number: 5000mah
Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Battery
For Vehicle Type: Cars
Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Battery
Wheelbase: Screws