Laser Plasma Pen to Remove Dark Spots, Freckles, Moles, Skin Warts, Skin Tags, & Tattoos

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Do you have any spots you would rather not be there?  Use this Laser Spot Remover Pen on many types of spots on your face. 

This great Laser Pen uses the latest technology, microcomputer control, so it is safe, convenient and fast.  It can be used on a Freckle, Mole, Dark Spots, Tattoos, Acne, and Skin Tags

With 9 kinds of intensity, it can be used for different treatments.  The lower level is used on spots and freckles.  The stronger level is used for moles and skin tags.

This Stainless Steel Spot Pen has Stainless Steel needles and is non-toxic, hygienic, and resists rust for safety. 

A LCD display shows the levels of intensity.  A high capacity battery is used, which allows 5 hours for use, and the pen can be charged directly by USB. 

The pen is both easy to carry and easy to operate.


  Package Includes:
1    Removal Pen
1    Coarse Needle
1    Needle Sleeve
10  Fine Needles
1    USB
1    Manual
1    Box

Brand Name: Iebilif
Item Type: Spot Removal Pen
Model Number: LMH181220-02
Color: Gold, White, or Pink
Power: 5.5W
Voltage: 3.7V
Power Source: Electric
Weight: 100g
Material: ABS
Size: 3.5*18cm/1.38*7.09in