Flexible Solar Panel, 100w - 400w, 1000w Home System Kit, with Cover

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Going on an adventure and want power?  Extend your electrical capabilities either away from home or still there.  Go Flexible!

To keep these Flexible Solar Panels working well, they have a Water, High Temperature, & Corrosion Resistance for longer use.  A rugged surface helps gain more power from the sun. 

Being 1/5 thinner than other Solar Panels on the market, makes them more lightweight, so you can set them up, or transport them more easily

The EFTE Solar Panels have Polymer composites, and are waterproof, as well as dustproof.  Normal ones do not have this protection for water seepage and dustproof, which will cause those to not last as long.

It has a Mono Solar Cell, Front Cover ETFE Film, Backsheet TPT, Junction Box, and Connector.  These all provide great features.

Technician Specification
Length: 1050mm            Weight:  1.7 kg
Width: 540 mm             Main material*: Mono crystalline
Height:  2.5 mm        Frame material: EVA+PET OR ETFE+EVA+TPT 

Electrical Specification 

Performance Under Standard Test Conditions(STC*)                  
Maximum power:  Pmax:100 Wp
Open circuit voltage:  Voc 20 V
Maximum power point voltage: Vmpp 18.02 V
Short-circuit current:I sc:5.95 A
Maximum power point current:I mpp 5.55 A

Minor reduction in efficiency under partial load conditions at 25degC: at 100 W/m2, 95%- (+/-3%) of the STC efficiency (1000 W/m2) is achieved.

Component Material                          
Cells per module: 32
Cell dimensions: 125mm*125mm
Cell type: Monocrystalline Silicon     Front: ETFE+EVA +TPT or EVA+TPT
System Intergration Technician   
Maximum system voltage SC II: 1000 V
Maximum reverse current:10 A
Maximum system voltage USA NEC: 600 V
Increased snow load acc. to IEC 61215: 5.4 kN/msup2

 Thermak Characteristics                  
NOCT:47 degC
TC Voc:-0.33 %/degC
TC Isc:0.042 %/degC
TC Pmpp:-0.45 %/degC

Extra Specifications
PTC Rating:100 W
Module Efficiency:21.0%
Junction Box: IP67
Plus-Sorting*:Pflash Ge Pmax
Connector: Male And Female
Power Tolerance*:+/- 3 %

rand Name: EPSOLAR
Foldable Solar Panel: No
Flexible Solar Panel: Yes
Number of Panels: 1
Type: Solar Panel
Nominal Capacity: 100w
Size: 1050MM*540MM*2.5MM
Model Number: BPS 32-100
Customized: Yes
Number of Cells: 32
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power: 100w
Solar Panel 100w: flexible solar panel, Monocrystalline Silicon
Solar Panel Solar Cell, Solar Charger: Solar Panel 12v Solar Battery
Solar Panel Solar Cell: Solar Panel 100w