Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer Resume Power Failure, DIY Kit Upgrade, C-Magnet Build Plate, Resume Power Failure Printing, Etc.

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This Awesome Classic Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer is a great imagination producing printer, and you can choose which of 3 packages to get. 

It comes with an Enhanced Printing Stability, a New Soft Magnetic Platform Sticker to better remove and adhere to the platform, the MeanWell Power Supply, the awesome DIY Assembly, 5 minute Quick Bed Heating, High Precision Printing, High Quality Extruder, Resume Printing while the power is off, and it is Easier to Level with an ergonomic design and larger hand turn nut. 

With this Amazing 3D Printer you get great capabilities to print your imagination.  It has a Large Print size for larger one-piece objects.


Brand Name: Ender
Model Number: Ender-3 Pro
CE Certification: Yes
Consumables Diameter: 0.75mm
Printing Speed: 80mm/s
Bed Temp: 110
Slice Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Language: Chinese and English
Maximum Printing Speed: 200mm/s
Interface Type: SD
Color Print Speed: 180mm/s
Fliament: PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Gradient
Slice Software: ProE, Solid-Works, UG, 3D Max, Rhino 3D Design Software, etc
Power Supply: 350W
Maximum Working Speed: 200mm/s
Precision: +-0.01
Voltage: 110-220V
Operating System: Cura/Repetier-Host
File Format: STL/OBJ/G-Code
Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4mm (Custom Options: 0.3/0.2/0.5/0.6/0.8/1.00/1.2MM))
Auto Leveling: Yes
Maximum Print Size: 220*220*250mm
Molding Technology: FDM
Filaments: PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Gradient
Software supporting: PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3D Max, Rhino 3D Design Software, etc
Body Structure: Imported V-Slot Aluminum Bearings
Printing Method: TF Card/ On Line / Off Line
Layers Software: Cura/Repetier-Host
Printing Size: 220*220*250mm
Gift: Filaments+ Hotbed+ 8G SD Card+ Tools+Newly Soft magnetic sticker
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
Interface Type: SD card/UPS