INSMA Replacement Earbud Tips, Noise Isolating, 3 pairs of Memory Foam Tips & 3 pairs Silicone Earbud Tips

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This box of Replacement Earbud tips come with 3 pairs of Silicone and 3 pairs of Memory Foam Ear pads/tips. 

They have a soft fit in your ears, and can be worn for extended time periods. 

These help with reducing the external noise level when a perfect fit is attained in the ear canal.  The memory ear tip will self-expand to fit your ear canal.

They come with the sizes for small, medium, and large.  Protect them by keeping the ones not in use in the box.

Package Includes:
3 x Pairs of Silicone Ear Pads
3 x Pairs of Memory Foam Ear Pads
1 x Gift Box

Brand: INSMA

Model: D08618
Product Name: Ear Pad Replacement
Box Size: 70x55x16mm / 2.75''x2.16''x0.62''
Inside Diameter: 5mm
Outside Diameter: S(10.8mm) / M(12.6mm) / L(12.95mm)
Color: Black, Red, Grey
Compatible With: 5-6mm Earphones