KingRoon DIY KP3 3D Printer, Upgraded High Precision,Touch LCD Screen, Rigid Metal Frame

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With this Upgraded KingRoon KP3 3D High Printing Precision 3D Printer, you could print a multitude of ideas, as it provides for lots of applications. 

For a High Printing Precision, it has an Industrial Linear Guide used as a Y-axis, a Scientific Metal Structure to help make sure the Printing Performance is Stable and provides High Resolution. 

Also, there is a Flexible Magnetic Sheet, ensuring your 3D Printing Models are easy to take off.   

A User-friendly Touch Screen with High Resolution and a Clear Display is built in, including your choice of 8 Languages. 

Not to be left out is the all important Resume Printing from First Layer to help in Saving Time and avoiding wastes if the power shuts off before you’re ready.

Choose which package you desire or need, and add things beyond just the 3D printer, such as different filaments, a 5015 fan, and or the Kp3 Silicon Sock.  Check the images for more information.











  Product Parameters
Model Number : KP3  
Build Size: 180*180*180mm                     
Printing Technology: FDM
Nozzle quantity: 1
Print precision: 0.1-0.4mm
Nozzle: 0.4mm
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Filament: PLA/Wood/TPU/ABS
Nozzle Temperature: ≤260℃
Hot bed Temperature: ≤110℃
File type: STL/Obj/Afm
Printing via: USB cable and TF card
Software: Cura/Slicer/Repetier-Host
Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Mac/linux
Screen language: CN/EN/RU/ES/FR/IT
Max Travel Speed: 200mm/s
Max Print Speed: 100mm/s
Print Speed: ≤60mm/s
Resume print due to power failure: Yes
Filament Motor: Yes
Aoto Living:  N/A
Machine Power: 240W
Rated voltage: 220V-50hz 110V-60hz
Power Supply: 24V/15A/360W
Machine Size: 275x310x370mm
Weight: 7kg

Brand Name: KINGROON
Model Number: kp3
CE Certification: Yes
Consumables Diameter: 1.75mm
Printing Speed: 50mm/s
Bed Temp: 160
Slice Thickness: 0.1-0.4 mm
Language: EN/CN
Maximum Printing Speed: 150 mm/s
Interface Type: SD
Color Print Speed: 100mm/s
Fliament: PLA
Slice Software: Cura,Repetier-Host,simplify3d
Power Supply: 24V 15A 360W
Maximum Working Speed: 150 mm/s
Precision: ±0.1 mm
Voltage: 110-220V
File Format: G-code,OBJ,STL
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Auto Leveling: No
Maximum Print Size: 180*180*180 mm
Molding Technology: FDM
Resume print after power off: Yes
Shipping Weight: 15.2 pounds
LCD Screen: 2.4" touch screen
Plan A: KP3 add Sock Fan and 1kg
Plan B: KP3 add Sock Fan and 2kg
Plan C: KP3 add Sock Fan and 3kg